AMC Industry Having Major Impact Nonprofit Resources October 12, 2010

AMC Industry Having Major Impact

AMCs are professional service firms that provide leadership in association management and other association services through experienced staff, proven practices and shared resources. AMCs provide full-service association management and specialized professional services to organizations including business and trade associations, professional societies and foundations.

The AMC industry (number of firms) has grown by 150 percent since 1986 and now encompasses more than 670 association management companies across the U.S. and beyond. In addition, AMCs collectively manage annual budgets exceeding $3.4 billion and represent more than 7,600 clients. The AMC industry is also a conventions powerhouse, booking nearly 2 million room nights and $1 billion in meetings and conventions services annually.

Is your organization as effective as it could be?  Maybe it’s time to consider this management model!

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