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June 8, 2009

Re: Kristin Bennett

The Colorado Academy of Family Physicians hired Kristin Bennett in the fall of 2008 to be the Conference Coordinator for our 2009 Annual Scientific Conference.  Kristin immediately took responsibility for the job and carried out all tasks with a great attitude, attention to detail, and leadership.

Kristin worked with our education committee in planning the conference program, schedule, speakers and topics.  She followed through on each speaker with tenacity.  She created beautiful conference materials including brochures.  She worked with the hotel conference staff to arrange room and schedule details.

It really has been a pleasure to work with Kristin.  She easily takes direction, offers opinions on improvements, is very creative and enthusiastic, and fun to work with.

The 2009 conference was very successful and we have contracted with Kristin to coordinate the next one.

Raquel Alexander, MA, CAE

Executive Vice President, CAFP

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