Another Successful National Convention Wraps Up Nonprofit Resources February 5, 2015

Another Successful National Convention Wraps Up

Nonprofit Resources is honored to have been chosen to manage the annual SPFA Convention and Expo.  Going into it we worked hard and fast to get everything caught up, and quickly came to know the membership and leadership of SPFA as friends, not just clients.  We have a blast at the show, worked our tails off, and got so much positive feedback we can’t wait to get starte on 2016’s show.   Special hats off to our graphic designer Garrett Chappell, Coordinator Emma Bennett, and photographer Maria Lewis for pulling it all together.    We enjoyed learning the technical aspects of SPFA, and also had some fun with keynote speaker Ty Pennington. 

Look out Florida. . . . here we come!

Check out the news coverage and these rave reviews:

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say THANK YOU! for all you guys did last week!
Everyone on the team was so taken with how great the show was this year and how smoothly everything ran…I can only imagine how much work went into putting an event like this together but it is very much appreciated and admired by everyone at Lapolla.
 Thanks again ladies you really helped make this a memorable one for my team and I and here’s to many many more SPFA Conventions!
Betsy A. Ayala
Marketing Manager
Lapolla Industries, Inc.

Wow!  Well done!
I want to be sure you all know how much I appreciate all that you guys have done for Lapolla and the entire industry.  This years event was by far the best, most professional and high profile.  I am sure there were challenges as it is never easy to pull off an event of this scale.  You managed everything like the professionals you are, keeping the minutia “behind the curtain”, representing our industry and the emerging technology with the respect and professionalism it deserves.
My sincerest gratitude and warmest regards, I am proud to be a member of SPFA and this great industry. On behalf of Lapolla and my entire team,
Thank you!
Doug Kramer, President & CEO
Lapolla Industries, Inc.

Hi Guys,
This being my 40th SPFA, UFCA, SPI, SPD family of meetings I think it was the best run, best weather, best food, best entertainment, and best convention I have ever enjoyed..  Even last nights drummer was great.
Yes, my committee had the same as always late moderators, no show moderators, unhappy speakers BUT it is alway that way herding cats..  Many, many thanks for a great event.  Feel sorry for you trying to duplicate same success next year….

Joe Stockdale, Bayer

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