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Time for a Change?

Traditionally, associations have hired their own executive directors and staff, secured their own facilities, and managed their own assets. The trend today, however, is for trade and professional associations to engage an association management company (AMC).

This trend reflects the growing need to cut costs, promote efficiency, share resources, and access expertise. A 1995 study took a close look at how elected leaders select and evaluate management. When researchers assessed AMCs versus other management forms, they found that AMCs, in most instances, provided the greatest value to their client associations.

In fact, AMCs were rated as equal to or superior to other management forms on more than 89 percent of the survey criteria.  Although selecting a management company may seem overwhelming, it does not need to be an onerous task. CLICK HERE for information to assist you in soliciting potential AMCs, evaluating management proposals, conducting interviews with firms, selecting the firm that’s best for your organization, developing the contractual arrangement, and transitioning the activities of your association to its new management.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources was formed with the idea that all nonprofits, large or small, need and deserve a professional staff at an affordable price. Incorporated in 2007, we're grounded in the experience of President Kristin Bennett’s 27 years as an Executive Director, and built as a team of specialists to serve all types of nonprofits. Nonprofit Resources employs all levels of executive, program, and administrative staff with a broad range of experience to meet your needs.

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