Quality Over Quantity? Nonprofit Resources February 16, 2015

Quality Over Quantity?

As we prepare to manage another national convention, I’m reminded of the dozens of shows I’ve managed for this group.  HPIP is a very small organization by national standards, but they’re the cream of the crop in their field.  It will be fun to see what Shelby and Jatelyn do with the show, and how they utilize the help that Harry will provide. 

When we talk about this group’s small show, we always remind supporters and sponsors that big isn’t necessarily better.  This show is all about very personal connections, quality time with potential new customers; all of whom run some of the most successful businesses in the country.  So we remind participants that as a sponsor, don’t just measure cost effectiveness  by the number of pens you give away in the exhibit hall!

Looking forward to meeting long-time friends and business assoiates in Hilton Head, possibly my favorite venue we’ve ever booked!

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