Average is Easy Nonprofit Resources February 18, 2015

Average is Easy

Working with various nonprofits, we come into contact with so many suppliers, vendors, sponsors, and professionals of all sorts.  This message from one of our favorite client supporters spoke to me this morning.  What would the world look like if every company and every family followed JJ’s advice?  Our beloved client HPIP is lucky to have this sort of support and mentality in the memberhsip.

We just like to help Kristin. We’re honored to do WHATEVER IT TAKES on HPIP’s road to success. Not only are you providing superior training, networking opportunities and service to the hardest working women and men in the world to the industry that we love so much you’re doing it with class. We’re not heroes by any means we’re just team players. As I tell my kiddos……You’re either part of the solution or the problem. You’re a giver or a taker and last but not least you’re selfish or selfless. Have a great day! #GiveMoreThanUTake
145 Nicholas Dr.
Rockford, AL 35136
JJ Mays
General Manager 
Phone: 800-421-6473
Cell:    334-590-1180
Email:  jj@capitolmachine.com
Web:   capitolmachine.com

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