Forget the RFP. Keep the Tonsils. Nonprofit Resources January 27, 2016

Forget the RFP. Keep the Tonsils.

QBS what. .  . . . ?  I recall the first time someone threw “RFP” at me and I pretended to know what they were talking about.  That’s been more than a few years ago. . . like maybe 20 (+?).  I’m always happy when I learn something new, and reading up on QBS (Qualified Based Selection) reminded me that regardless of the number of years experience in managing nonprofits, there’s always something new to learn.

Cal Harrison

Cal Harrison is the President of Beyond Referrals, a company dedicated to improving the way professional services firms are hired.

When considering moving to the AMC model, whether you’re outsourcing full operation or just partial services, it pays to consider that the low price is not always the winning solution.

“It makes sense that if you’re hiring experts . . . . it’s probably best that you hire the most qualified at a fair price, instead of the least qualified at a low price. I would suggest that running an association is also an important thing that is better done by those most qualified instead of those that are cheapest.”

Take a moment to consider his well-written thoughts on QBS, and it’s place in the nonprofit management world.   CLICK HERE for the full article, and take a moment to WATCH THE VIDEO.  You may be convinced that the RFP process may be a lot like removing tonsils.  Tempting, but often useless.

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