February 2016

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According to CareerCast, a career in Event Coordination ranks as the fifth most stressful job of 2016. Anyone who has ever been involved in coordinating an event knows this to be true. Searching for the best venue in the most convenient location, organizing catering menus, constantly negotiating with vendors, suppliers and other clients, relentless marketing, developing an agenda to…

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Need a workout but you’re stuck at work? No problem, here are a few ways to keep your body moving and your blood flowing while stuck in a chair all day. It may sound weird, right? Working out, but it is so very important to keep your body moving, and who has the time to…

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Nothing feels better than a great client reference, especially after an exhausting week wrapping up a national convention.  CLICK HERE to see what one of our favorite association volunteers has to say about working with us.