Freezin’ For a Reason emmaleebenn February 3, 2016

Freezin’ For a Reason

I’m sure you have heard about those crazy people jumping in freezing lakes. The Polar Plunge is all about raising money for the South Dakota Special Olympics with the help of the South Dakota Law Enforcement.



 Their 2016 goal is to raise $395,500, so far they are at almost $72,000 and it is only the beginning of February! The Plunge travels all over searching for those crazy people and hoping to at least find a few who are willing to jump right in for a great cause. Each individual who signs up to plummet into that frigid water is asked to raise money in hopes to reach their goal.


What a great cause to be working for! The Special Olympics is a way for people to break out of their comfort zone and have something to work for through sports. It builds skills that they can use in their every day lives and creates joy and something to look forward to.

January through April they will be making their rounds. I know you have been missing those summer days jumping in the lake, why don’t you go out take a plunge yourself! (might not be quite as warm as you remembered)

If you are interested in taking the plunge HERE are the locations they will be traveling to.

Here you can check out more about the POLAR PLUNGE

or help donate to the SPECIAL OLYMPICS.


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