Outsourcing is No Longer a Dirty Word Nonprofit Resources February 3, 2016

Outsourcing is No Longer a Dirty Word

When an AMC offers partial services, it’s a lot like what some would term “outsourcing”.  Conversations can stall out at the mention of the word, and some people are instantly suspicious.  But when you’re thinking about the most efficient way to manage a nonprofit, why would it not be seriously considered? Especially when you’re talking about a short-term project, or a pilot with a limited life span.  Maybe you’ve secured the resources needed for a special program, but it’s only funded for a couple of years.  Do you really want to hire a permanent person, only to let them go?

I appreciated THIS ARTICLE on outsourcing by Rebecca Brace of Raconteur.  Read it, and tell me. . . . why would a nonprofit not outsource??  When it comes to efficient operations, nonprofits can benefit just as regular corporations would.


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