Donations via Twitter emmaleebenn February 10, 2016

Donations via Twitter


Last Monday Twitter announced they would be testing a new feature to their social media. A few business owners and musicians are trying out Twitter’s new “buy” button.


Once this feature is publicly launched, nonprofits will have the ability to have their very own “buy” button or “donate”. It will be as easy as retweeting one of your favorite accounts or favoriting a friend’s tweet.

If you just can’t wait to start donating via Twitter, go ahead and check out Charitweet.


Charitweet is a donation platform that you can donate to some of your favorite charities with Twitter. They collect less of a fee than many of the other competitors, and you can do it within 5 seconds. All you have to do is tweet “@Charitweet”, “@charityofchoice”, and “dollar amount”


Such as Charitweet stated

“The future of fundraising is social”

and how true could that be?

Donating through social media does not only make it so much easier, but it helps raise awareness for your charity of choice.

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