Forced Creativity: How to do “The Thing”, when you don’t want to do “The Thing” Nonprofit Resources February 16, 2016

Forced Creativity: How to do “The Thing”, when you don’t want to do “The Thing”

Working in a nontraditional workplace is fantastic. It comes with 21st century nomadic freedom, the ability to set your own hours, and pants are totally optional. But an unavoidable obstacle one must face in this situation is aggressive burn out. When you aren’t forced to go to a place designated to your job, lines between personal and professional get blurred and procrastination can rule supreme. It gets worse when your job is creating fresh and new ideas daily.

As the main graphic designer for Nonprofit Resources, there are times where I feel more than burnt out. Designing is taxing enough, but with the added monotony of doing it alone at home, it gets straight up impossible sometimes. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful article published by The Creative Group on how to combat such doldrums.

A multi beneficial reenergizer is to get your blood pumping with some quick cardio. Certain studies have shown that increased heart rate will actually get your creativity going again. Plus come on, you could totally exercise more. Another easy thing to accomplish is to get out of your hole and socialize. Working from home can get lonely, especially if you’re states away from your other coworkers, with whom you only talk to electronically. Go on a group nature excursion, go get brunch with a friend and talk about how time doesn’t exist in space, go to a really bad karaoke night and belt out some old school Bonnie Raitt, JUST GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND SEE PEOPLE!

And when you are really just feeling like a slab of granite, you feel so woefully defeated, reevaluate why you like doing what you do. Remember what inspired you, and do some visual research. Make something super weird that no client would ever want, just to remind yourself that you can push yourself. Remember that you are responsible for your own drive, and your own energy and with the right push every now and then, you can continue to do the thing you love on your own terms.

By: Garrett Chappell
Director of Graphics and Communications
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