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Excercise at Work?!


Need a workout but you’re stuck at work? No problem, here are a few ways to keep your body moving and your blood flowing while stuck in a chair all day.

It may sound weird, right? Working out, but it is so very important to keep your body moving, and who has the time to go to the gym three to five times a week? Most business owners spend hours on end sitting at their desk; hunched over, staring at computers, or holding their phone up to their ear.

Doing some of these can greatly decrease the risk of heart disease and many other health risks.



1. Stair Master

If you have the ability to take the stairs rather than the elevator, do it! It can get your body working and get a little work out while running some errands.

2. Grab Some Joe

Walk over to the break room or your kitchen and make some coffee. While you’re waiting for it to brew, walk around and get your blood flowing. Not only does coffee give you a little kick start, it is also has bioactive compounds that are said to protect your skin from melanoma.

3. Pace

If you are on a long conference call, pace! It can make it go by faster and you won’t feel so sore after sitting on the phone the whole time. It might also help to get a headset so your neck isn’t so sore by holding your phone to your ear all day.

4. Leg Lifts

When you are sitting in your chair busy typing up that paperwork, stretch out your legs and hold them there with your feet flexed. It might look silly, but trust me you can feel the burn. You can even tighten your tummy muscles for an extra burn.

5. Hand Stretches

Don’t forget to give your fingers a bit of a break and stretch them out. You can cup your hands into C’s and pull them in the opposite direction of each other, this can help you feel the burn in your arms as well.

It might sound silly, but it is so easy to sit hours on end without getting up when you are so busy working!


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