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How to Survive 2016’s 5th Most Stressful Job

According to CareerCast, a career in Event Coordination ranks as the fifth most stressful job of 2016. Anyone who has ever been involved in coordinating an event knows this to be true. Searching for the best venue in the most convenient location, organizing catering menus, constantly negotiating with vendors, suppliers and other clients, relentless marketing, developing an agenda to appeal to attendees, and so much more – all while staying within budget.

This can all be very overwhelming for a company who is busy with every day operations. How do you keep the business operating and deliver a great event? This is where NPR comes in! We save you time and energy by taking care of not only the major details, but also the minor ones. Our team is filled with the expertise needed to put your event together successfully – experience, detail orientation, graphics, marketing, and more. Take the stress out of the hands of your company, so you can go from this…


to this…

keep calm, you hired an event planner



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