Tap into Outsider Talent (we do!) Nonprofit Resources March 8, 2016

Tap into Outsider Talent (we do!)

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If your organization is changing the way it does business—and it likely is—you’ll need to “reset” the values and mindsets that currently drive your organizational culture.

Tapping into the “outsider” talent pool can be an effective tactic for combating organizational stagnancy and reliance on isolated professional networks. Including such outsiders in your staffing mix can help ensure your organization has the fresh perspectives and competitive skill sets it needs to remain vital.  Why?

  • They expand your network.
  • They have a unique perspective on what your members want.
  • They help make your organization more nimble.
  • They can make important contributions to organizational culture.

Thanks for this perspective Rebecca Hawk
marketing specialist for Association CareerHQ at ASAE Business Services, Inc. 
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