Being More Productive In The A.M. emmaleebenn April 13, 2016

Being More Productive In The A.M.

It can be such a struggle to get yourself out of bed sometimes. Doing some of these things can help you be the productive person you wish you were. Of course everyone has their morning routines, but sometimes change can be a good thing and maybe you will even find something that helps you get up and go a little better.

The first ingredient to a productive day is always going to be a solid 7-8 hours of sleep. Without that there is a chance your body will be dragging all day. The National Sleep Foundation found that about 40 million Americans have issues with 70 different sleep disorders.  Almost 40 percent of adults suffer daytime drowsiness. Getting that healthy amount of sleep you deserve can help with stress, memory, creativity, depression, and an overall better health.

What is one of the first things you want to do each morning? Check your phone. DON’T! Checking your email or social media can put you in either a bad mood or get you in a lazy mode. Get your blood flowing and be proactive. The best time to exercise is in the morning, it can increase your confidence and your all around attitude. Not to mention getting your body in great shape. One of the best ways to wake your body up is to jump into a nice and cool swimming pool, or you can just take a shower.

Eating a healthy breakfast is always the best thing you can do to improve your day. Protein will keep you full much longer in comparison to anything else. Eggs, nuts, meats, or even a protein shake can give you that boost you need until lunch time comes around. These tasty little treats are perfect for people on the go! Energy Bites


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