6 Good Reasons for Nonprofit Collaboration Nonprofit Resources April 29, 2016

6 Good Reasons for Nonprofit Collaboration

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nonprofits joining forces can take even bigger strides towards achieving mission and fostering a better world.

I’m always beating the drum for collaboration in one of the industries we work in.  The myriad of building industry, energy efficiency, and weatherization nonprofits can be a little overwhelming.  This article by Third Sector makes the case for collaboration.  If I were to add a number seven, it would be the point that I hear so often from donors, sponsors, and foundations, “who are you collaborating with to make the most of resources we send your way?”   As donors are hit with a barrage of nonprofit requests competing for their dollars, the duplication of effort is frustrating for them.  Thanks for the article @SarahDaxton, I couldn’t agree more!!

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