8 Easy Ways to Go Green at Work emmaleebenn May 5, 2016

8 Easy Ways to Go Green at Work

Earth day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we should stop caring about the planet we live on.
Being sustainable doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. Here are a few simple ways to better your work routine and help preserve the environment:
  1. Commuting. Encourage car pooling with co-workers. Even better, travel to work by walking or taking a bike.
  2. Printing. Don’t print if it’s unnecessary. If you do have to print something, use both sides of the page and purchase recycled or chlorine-free paper.
  3. Drinking. Instead of using a disposable cup every time you pass by the water cooler or need a coffee fix, choose reusable water bottles and mugs.
  4. Energy. Turn off lights and equipment when you head home or when they’re not in use. When you can, use natural lighting or open a window instead of using AC.
  5. Recycle.  Set up a recycling station for paper, cans, and bottles.
  6. Buy quality. When purchasing supplies, go for quality so that it can be reused instead of replaced.
  7. Go green… literally. Buy a plant to put in your work space. Not only will it be great decor, but plants absorb indoor air pollution and help with the flow of oxygen.
  8. Talk about it! Spread the word with coworkers and employees on how they can help be environmentally friendly, too.

Not only do these easy tricks help save our planet, they help save money as well.

What are some other ways you think non-profits and businesses can be more sustainable? Comment below or tweet us: @nonprofitstaff.

By: Emma Bennett
NPR Associate and Event Planner

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