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Workfrom: A Freelancer’s Savior

Finding motivation to work can be difficult if your workspace is your home.


Whether you are a freelance business employee, a student, writer, or just someone who needs a place other than your living room to get work done – look no further.

Workfrom is an online community to help busy bees find cafes, coffee shops, bars, or other workspace anywhere in the world. Find a great place others would love? You can recommend your favorite spots and contribute to the online community of digital nomads.

“Discover hidden gems, local favorites and otherwise hard to find workspaces. You’ll see WiFi speeds, access to power outlets and other important info about places before you go. Help others by recommending work-friendly spaces you find and enjoy the benefits of inside information, deals and community.”

May your coffee be strong and your work be productive.


By: Emma Bennett
NPR Associate and Event Planner



Hello it's me. Your friendly local college student, world traveler, coffee addicted, Nonprofit Resources associate, dog lover, and outdoors fanatic.

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