Terminal Procrastination Nonprofit Resources August 17, 2017

Terminal Procrastination

Procrastination. You miss deadlines, you don’t get work done, and people are stuck waiting on you.

You need to keep your workflow going and stay committed to your work day. Get your deadlines done and stay on track. How are you supposed to do that? There obviously needs to be a change.

When you feel as if your mind is wondering, ask yourself these questions:

Is this really what I should be doing?

What are my top priorities?

What should I do next?

Do I have the skills I need or do I need help?

Do I have the things I need?

Am I in the right mood?

Everyone puts things off, but there’s a line between avoiding difficult tasks and working to overcome them. Do you actually work better under pressure, or is that a way of justifying procrastination?

Let us help you take things off your plate. Contact kristin@nonprofitresources.us to learn about the range of services we offer.


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