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To Make an Income While Making an Impact

Some people search all their lives for their dream job, one that has meaning or purpose. Yet, so many settle into the contentment of a position that’s comfortable, allows them to pay the bills, and ultimately minimize the risks – risks of losing everything or heaven forbid avoiding the possibility that you just might fail if you actually chased after something you really were passionate about.

What if I told you that in the non-profit sector, the sky is the limit? As a company, one of our several strengths is how our team is composed of many backgrounds with a lot of completely different interests. We work with clients all over and from a wide variety of industries, too. From household efficiency, law, pediatric cancer, healthcare hospitality homes, to all things birds – there’s nothing we aren’t open to. The point is, working as an Association Management Company (AMC), where most of our clients who hire us are non-profits, there’s always an array of organizations out there searching for a company who’s the right fit for them and when our interests align, that’s when something special happens and our work becomes more. 

Although each client is unique to its own, one thing remains consistent across the board and that is all of those we serve are making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s improving the way we live or bettering the environment, those we partner with and what we do matters. Not only are we fortunate to cover a lot of bases and work with some incredible people, but we constantly get the opportunity to learn along the way. Each day is a new adventure, one that makes us feel like we are making a positive influence in the world today.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources was formed with the idea that all nonprofits, large or small, need and deserve a professional staff at an affordable price. Incorporated in 2007, we're grounded in the experience of President Kristin Bennett’s 27 years as an Executive Director, and built as a team of specialists to serve all types of nonprofits. Nonprofit Resources employs all levels of executive, program, and administrative staff with a broad range of experience to meet your needs.

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