Case Study: Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) Impact Report Generates Increase in Revenue and Engagement Nonprofit Resources November 30, 2021

Case Study: Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) Impact Report Generates Increase in Revenue and Engagement

Nonprofit Resources LLC, an accredited nationally known organization that provides nonprofit management services to associations and nonprofit organizations partnered with Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) to produce the first and only National Hospitality Impact Report in the fall of 2021.


The mission of the Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) is to support healthcare hospitality houses to be more effective in their service to patients and families. 

The healthcare hospitality industry relies heavily on support from healthcare systems whose primary driver of success metrics is patient outcomes. While they had an abundance of qualitative data on the importance of healthcare hospitality on patient outcomes, they did not have quantitative data.  Creating the industry’s first and only National Hospitality Impact Report provided its members with the critical data they needed to communicate their role in the patient outcome spectrum to their primary donors.   

Prior to the HHN Impact Report, the network lacked a national survey that captured the impact of healthcare hospitality on patient outcomes which is the primary source those individual members use to enlist the support of their healthcare systems. 

After several years of decreasing membership due to individual house budgets decreasing, Nonprofit Resources (NPR) worked with HHN to focus on providing this important information to their members. HHN now provides the only survey that captures a variety of industry statistics and services that HHN members rely on such as data on guests served, occupancy trends, as well as salaries, and benefits information. 


HHN has developed a comprehensive background in survey tool creation as well as management. We worked with a member house that was already using a survey tool to measure their house’s impact on patient outcomes. The information that the tool provided indicated that revisions to the survey tool would greatly enhance the data that was needed to make impactful decisions. 

The Nonprofit Resources team, led by Brittany Quinn, Account Executive, steered a National Hospitality Impact Committee, with an emphasis on representing the full spectrum of members in HHN (large and small organizations, independent owners, healthcare systems solely owned and operated, and different patient populations including guests served). The committee met and created a pilot survey program for their guests who are the primary recipients of the HHN services.   

This pilot survey led to a reduction in the number of questions in the original survey tool currently used by HHN participating houses.  This reduction will improve patient and caregiver participation and focus on the key drivers of patient outcomes.  

Our primary third-party partners were hospitality health educators from Oklahoma State University’s research and evaluation program and the hospitality program. They were critical in preparing our survey tool for IRB approval that would certify the results of the survey.  

Once the pilot program concluded, we updated the survey tool and distributed it to members throughout the network. Work on the survey tool required the Nonprofit Resources team, who have years of providing nonprofit management services, to become intimately familiar with SurveyMonkey’s capabilities and required several advanced functions that HHN members would not have been able to create independently. 

NPR staff distributed and educated the HHN members on how to administer the survey.  Over 2,200 guest surveys were collected representing 26 HHN houses nationally. Our partners at Oklahoma State University were responsible for collecting and validating the data. The NPR team worked to create several materials to help market and distribute the final report, including graphic design tutorials, training webinars with grant-writers, brochures, samples, and step-by-step videos  

The Nonprofit Resources team also created a fee structure that generated essential non-dues revenue, as well as recruited additional members to increase membership numbers and generate new dues revenue for HHN. 

“This is exactly what we have needed to demonstrate the important role healthcare hospitality houses play in patient outcomes. This is not something that we could have done individually without HHN’s leadership.” – Nora’s Home, Houston, TX 



    • Generated $1,000 in program revenue, and gained five new members who joined HHN purely to access the report for the discounted rate 

    • Increased exposure of HHN’s members and mission to new audiences 

    • Increased website traffic – National Hospitality Impact page has attracted 4,996 unique clicks 

    • Healthcare hospitality services have helped 20% of patients traveling for medical care AVOID foreclosure on their homest

Figure 1. National Hospitality Impact Report
Figure 2. National Hospitality Impact Report Table of Contents
Figure 3. National Hospitality Impact Report Impact on Stress Level


Identifying our client’s key role was essential – HHN was in a unique position to gather industry data that would relate the importance and impact of the healthcare hospitality industry in patient care and outcomes through this tool.  This is a tool that does not exist anywhere else. Finding the right partners was also critical – and while it took more time, they provided the outside knowledge needed to validate the report’s findings.

This can be replicated for other NPR clients. Knowledge in survey tool creation and receiving IRB approval means that NPR can assist clients in developing their own industry reports.

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