Case Study: NHRA Social Media Marketing Nonprofit Resources January 13, 2022

Case Study: NHRA Social Media Marketing


This project falls under NPR’s marketing and media area, with a focus on social media networking and marketing materials. National Human Resources Association (NHRA) holds the mission of, “Each day, each meeting and each initiative we pursue, the National Human Resources Association helps members turn Human Resources theory, concepts and general information into smart, meaningful action, relevant to their individual professional practices. By engaging new leaders, we create and promote business collaboration and partnerships. The new opportunities initiated by these partnerships will support the strategic professional development for Human Resources Professionals enabling them to be effective strategic business partners.”

Prior to NPR’s marketing efforts, NHRA had low engagement on social platforms and was not consistent in posting. At the beginning of this increased marketing effort, we simply posted for events and career postings, which was not helping the engagement metrics on our posts.


The NPR team decided to shift priorities and focus on consistency in posting, and executing posts daily on all platforms. From the start of this consistency in posting, NHRA’s social media engagement has gone up significantly as shown below.


Some highlights from the last 30 days: Facebook page views have gone up 10%, LinkedIn post reactions have gone up 183%, comments up 4%, and share rates are up 350%.

FIGURE 1 – Total Number of Impressions from August 2021 – January 2022


This project has demonstrated the importance of consistency when it comes to organically growing an organization’s social media presence. The key to replicating these outcomes for other clients is to focus on consistency without compromising quality. In NHRA’s case, we mock up a post for every week the week prior to ensure quality and consistency.

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