Case Study: How an Association Modernized their Certification Program Nonprofit Resources June 19, 2023

Case Study: How an Association Modernized their Certification Program

About the Association

The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) is the premier professional association connecting leaders and managers within the legal industry. ALA provides extensive professional development, collaborative peer communities, strategic operational solutions, and business partner connections empowering members to lead the business of law.  


Nonprofit Resources partnered with the ALA to transform their Certification Program.

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Certified Individuals Re-Captured


Records Updated In Database

The Opportunity

ALA needed assistance with the management of its Certification program because there has been no transitional staff training or standard operating procedures. The client needed Nonprofit Resources and its team to assess the current program and database and create updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) while maintaining the current candidates in the program. 

The Certification program was previously managed internally by the client. However, after analysis of the program, we found the following issues: outdated databases, delinquent candidates, a loss of revenue as candidates decreased, and existing certified individuals did not stay current in their maintenance fees.

Our Approach

Nonprofit Resources utilized a 4-step approach to transition and modernize the Certification program.  

Step 1. Maintain existing program while actively seeking ways to increase efficiency. The focus was on the following: 

    • Update and integrate the client’s database 
    • Capture passive revenue 
    • Codify and clarify instructions and details of the program 

Step 2. Create SOPs for all aspects of the program 

Step 3. Identify ways we can improve client outcomes

Step 4. Identify ways to grow the Certification program

The Results

  • 30 Certified individuals re-captured 
  • 424 Records updated with accurate information
  • Revenue generated
  • SOP updated

In addition to generating revenue from the certified individuals, the Nonprofit Resources team worked with the ALA learning design team to develop specific training for the professional certification program. In order to maximize client revenue, it is essential to identify all of the areas where client work overlaps and consistently identify ways to better integrate professional certification in existing programs.

Nonprofit Resources was able to review our existing certification program and content library and help us update and modernize the Certified Legal Manager program. They developed efficient standard operating procedures for the maintenance of the program while identifying proactive ways that we could maximize the program’s impact on our certified individuals and grow revenue for our association.

Need help? We have your Association covered.


The Nonprofit Resources team is uniquely suited to inherit an under-served project or program and identify how to maximize its potential while maintaining current processes.

When taking on a project of this type, it is incumbent to have staff that can process a high volume of information, creatively problem-solve, and take accountability with the client and participants on areas where we can improve the standard operating procedures.

Nonprofit Resources has created an excellent standard operating procedures document that would enable our team to assist other clients in creating or reinvesting in their certification program.

For many of our clients, they are their industry’s only professional certification program and the potential for an additional revenue stream is an opportunity that they should capitalize on. Data shows that certification provides significant advantages to professionals and job candidates. Access to a professional certification program can also help drive event attendance and association membership. However, it does require staff with experience in creating and maintaining the program in order to maximize this revenue stream.

Our team can balance the strategic vision with the attention to detail required to have a successful professional certification program.

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