Case Study: Association Reaches New Audience with Digital Retargeting Campaigns Nonprofit Resources June 22, 2023

Case Study: Association Reaches New Audience with Digital Retargeting Campaigns

About the Association

The American Horse Council (AHC) works daily to advocate for the social, economic, and legislative interests of the United States Equine Industry. AHC operates with United Horse Coalition, Microchip Lookup, and EWDC under their umbrella. The AHC is the only national association exclusively representing every segment of the vast equine industry. 

American Horse Council logo client of Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources assisted the AHC to provide effective marketing strategy and solutions.

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Click Through Rates Maximized


Individuals Reached

The Opportunity

AHC wanted to expand its audience to horse owners and professionals all over the country. However, without a marketing department, AHC volunteers were the ones who created social posts and there was little marketing strategy in place for this organization. Nonprofit Resources analyzed different solutions to aid AHC with its marketing and decided that a retargeting campaign would be most effective in social media engagement.

Our Approach

The Nonprofit Resources Team members working on this campaign include Kristin Bennett, President and CEO, taking the Quality Assurance role on this project; Christine Do, Digital Marketing and Data Specialist, taking on the Campaign Specialist and Meeting Leader roles in this project; and Clara Hedrick, Administrative Assistant, taking on the social media coordinator role in this project.

There was a large data pool from member survey results for Nonprofit Resources to use to consider where the target locations should be as well as other important metrics. Using this data, it was decided that geofencing campaigns and keyword search campaigns would be most effective. The team also discussed that regular social posts are another necessary tool to expand AHC’s audience. These courses of action were carried out through Social Pilot and Feathr. The team scheduled social media posts, monitored campaign results, and reported back regularly during the run-time. 

The Results

  • Clickthrough rate ranged from 0.41% to 0.72% 
  • Campaign reach ranged from 14,664 to 26,092 individuals
  • Strong Call to Action button increased performance

The average clickthrough rate was suggested to be 0.10% and our results surpassed that expectation. For the Microchip Lookup campaign, geographical interest seemed to be the most diverse (Figure 1).

Ready to accelerate your Nonprofit?


This type of campaign utilizing Social Pilot and a Retargeting Platform for marketing strategy can be replicated for other clients. This successful partial service project provided Nonprofit Resources with remarkable metrics that have been used to expand AHC’s audience.

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