Case Study: Bird of the Year Campaign Increases Social Following Noah Kibbe November 14, 2023

Case Study: Bird of the Year Campaign Increases Social Following

About the Nonprofit

The Wild Bird Feeding Institute (WBFI) has the mission to expand the wild bird feeding hobby. WBFI advances its mission and seeks to connect people with nature by serving members and birders internationally through education, awareness, and conservation partnerships. Their network of committed members, quality standards, expertise, and positive relationships with key organizations drive their success.

Nonprofit Resources partnered with WBFI to boost their stagnant social media metrics.

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Increase in TikTok & Instagram followers


Website engagement


Increase in TikTok comments

The Opportunity

WBFI lacked consistency across their social media platforms. As a result, their audience engagement was lacking. Nonprofit Resources (NR) was tasked with increasing their following, engagement, and social reach. The NR team analyzed different campaigns that would tie into the winter season.

Our Approach

We started the campaign in January by educating our audience on the importance of winter bird feeding. In March, we put our own twist on March Madness and launched WBFI’s Feeder Bird of the Year Campaign to coincide with the NCAA event. We decided on a route that would get our audience involved the most and give them a sense of ownership by allowing them to select the 2023 Feeder Bird of the Year.

Nonprofit Resources worked with WBFI’s Partnered Naturalist and BIG (Marketing) Committee to create a list of 16 popular feeder birds. NR’s graphics department then created bracket and match-up graphics. 

The Results

  • TikTok and Instagram followings grew by 65% during the 3-month campaign and both platforms gained 400+ new followers.

  • WBFI’s website engagement nearly tripled. Oct. 2022 – Dec. 2022 the website had 2.1k users.  Jan. 2023 – March, 2023 the website had 6k users.

  • Comments on TikTok increased by 770% and likes increased by 250%

  • Instagram reach was up 330%

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Many organizations could utilize a bracket-based competition. As a former elementary teacher, we used this same style to find the book of the year. “This or that” posts or posts where people are asked to share their opinions or thoughts can lead to increased engagement and audience interest.

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    November 15, 2023, 9:30 AM

    The engagement on this illustrates the power of best-in-class marketing strategy.

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