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‘Kristin and her team bring a professional touch and an all-encompassing approach to our organization’s administration. The Nonprofit Resources Team has helped us gain credibility, stability and what we sought most, the time to focus on our members.’


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“…they are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are attentive, responsive and very professional. They ask for help when appropriate, frequently provide excellent recommendations, and take the ball and run with it whenever they need to.”

“Kristin always starts from “yes.” Nonprofit Resources would be an asset to any organization that has the wisdom and the privilege to add this team.”

mainLogo“Kristin takes great pride in her work, and in the service she provides to nonprofit organizations. She possesses a great work ethic and attitude, top technical skills, and pays great attention to detail. These characteristics are visible not only in Kristin, but in the professional staff she employs.”


Left-Top-logo442 “We hired Kristin Bennett in the fall of 2008 to be the Conference Coordinator for our 2009 Annual Scientific Conference. Her team immediately took responsibility for the job and carried out all tasks with a great attitude, attention to detail, and leadership.”


resnetLogo“What I most appreciate about Kristin’s leadership style is her strong desire to find the collaborative path in all situations. As nonprofits evolve, collaboration is key. She understands this, and knows how to make it happen.”


CorporateLogo“To sum it up, Ms. Bennett and her team are so good at what they do, our company couldn’t help but recommend them to assist other trade organizations. . .”



logo-1“Kristin Bennett is a highly motivated, creative and ethical person who would be an asset to any organization.”



logo-2“..they addressed these challenges successfully using a variety of skills.  They are adept at handling meeting planning, communications, public and government relations, and any other subject required.. . . they work well with a diverse group of people.”


top_banner_nav_right“Kristin was one of the most dedicated team members of our United Way agency family. . . .(they) would be an asset to any organization.”