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imagesWhat is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

While some associations hire staff to run their organization, others hire an Association Management Company (AMC). An AMC provides professional management and administrative services to associations and charities. The AMC provides a centralized office that serves as the client association’s headquarters. Overhead costs are then shared between the AMC’s various clients, enabling them to conserve resources and increase capabilities without major capital investment. Due to the shared resources, specialists are drawn from the personnel pool and are assigned on an as-needed basis. An AMC can provide full services, or customize a program to complement a client’s current operations.

For example, a publications editor coordinates a monthly newsletter or annual report while an exhibits manager oversees the annual meeting trade show. A special team might assist with custom projects and additional support staff is utilized to help with membership programs. Through AMCs, you get an experienced and professional team to carry out your mission for less than it would cost you to maintain your own full-time staff.

About Association Management Companies (AMCs)

If you’ve ever been involved in an association or charity, then you know the depth of activity required to keep things running smoothly. Although each association is very different, you’ve probably taken advantage of some typical services: testing through a credentialing or accreditation program, attending annual conventions and exhibitions, acting on legislative alerts, accessing membership directories, and reading newsletters.

Is my group too small?

No. We love working with nonprofits of all sizes.

Is my project too big?

No. We tackle all sorts of projects, large and small.

What typical services do AMCs offer?

  • Executive management
  • Administrative management
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Strategic planning
  • Membership development
  • Meeting/convention/trade show management
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communication services
  • Education and professional development
  • Technology and website support
  • Statistical research, spreadsheets, and database management
  • Custom project management from concept development through final reporting

Why use an AMC?

  • Everyone does what they do best – leaders are free to concentrate on policy issues instead of administrative tasks.
  • Sharing resources with other groups allows for a high level of professionalism, management expertise, and technology that might not be affordable otherwise.
  • Get only the services you need. Our company customizes staff activity to meet your needs.
  • Maintain continuity through changes in board leadership.
  • More and more groups do business virtually, eliminating the need for office overhead, full-time staff, and expensive benefits programs.

Typical Scope of Services for Full-Service Clients

  • Central Office Facilities: Maintain daily office, answer the telephone, receive shipments; maintain a calendar of events, central member files, and supplies; serve as registered agent; supply meeting space; service email inquiries.
  • Membership Inquiries/Communication:
 Maintain/update membership marketing materials, respond promptly to telephone and email; mail and email membership materials, applications, and letters to prospects; add prospects to database; implement membership promotion plans.
  • Membership Processing:
 Receive and record applications; process membership applications and welcome letters; maintain membership directories; maintain member files — payments, applications, and related records; report on membership at board meetings; develop and update membership database.
  • Financial and Bookkeeping:
 Establish and maintain a financial accounting system; collect income from dues, workshops, seminars, meetings, and advertising; record and deposit all cash, check, and card payments; bill receivables; prepare budgets; recommend and monitor investment decisions; monitor actuals against budget; issue checks; maintain journals, ledgers; balance accounts; prepare financial reports; prepare for external audit; file annual reports.
  • Membership Meetings:
 Negotiate contracts; interface with committees; prepare budgets; inspect and select venues; arrange logistics; schedule and make arrangements for speakers, special guests, and council members; prepare and mail promotional and registrant confirmation materials; receive and record reservations; communicate with the venue, prepare badges for pre-registrants; prepare board and speaker material packets; prepare certificates, plaques, and gifts for speakers; handle on-site registration and monitor logistics; prepare final attendance report; make deposits, render invoices.
  • Board Meetings: 
Prepare Board packets including agenda and mail prior to meetings; make logistical arrangements; record meeting minutes and distribute; maintain minutes files.
  • Standing Committees/Ad Hoc Committees/Task Forces: 
Support plans of committees including marketing, strategic planning process; support new business referral service; support insurance and printing programs, awards committee programs.
  • Web Site Services:
 Develop, support, and update website and email system.
  • Directory: (hard copy or online versions)
 Maintain and update directory; mail membership renewals, update forms; oversee production and distribution.
  • Government Affairs:
 IRS 990; monitor status; communicate with IRS and legal; work with members and accounting professionals to ensure accuracy.
  • Education and Accreditation: 
Establish educational programs, maintain calendar of seminars, establish certification benchmarks, and develop credentialing programs from concept to testing and score tracking. We also plan and coordinate educational symposiums or events.

For more information on the origin of this industry, how this management model works, and to find qualified firms, click on the logo below.


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