Becoming An Effective Communicator emmaleebenn February 12, 2016

Becoming An Effective Communicator

“Great communication skills” is listed on everyone’s resume, but how many people possess the powerful skill? Most people actually overestimate their communication abilities.

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Communication is crucial in every business and relationship. This article on The 8 Secrets of Great Communicators makes you question if you are an effective communicator – Are you able to read your audience and adjust your message accordingly? Do you think about what you’re going to say after someone is finished speaking with you rather than while speaking? Are you repeating your message so many times it becomes ineffective?  The article also identifies the following strategies you can work on to master the skill:

  • Speak to groups as individuals
  • Talk so people will listen
  • Listen so people will talk
  • Connect emotionally
  • Read body language
  • Prepare your intent
  • Skip the jargon
  • Practice active listening
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