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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Marisa May 8, 2023

No-nonsense Strategic Planning Approach

Gone are the days of having 3-5 rigid strategies that do not yield to change. These days, nonprofits must employ a strategy that’s fluid and responsive, complete with a comprehensive action plan, accountability, and performance indicators. 

We help our clients construct this type of dynamic strategy following the methodology outlined in LaPiana’s The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution.

How does our strategic planning process work?

After initial information has been gathered, we host a facilitated kick-off session with key stakeholders. From there, we guide you through steps to create your own Real-Time Strategy.

Know Yourself and Your Market
  • Revisit your mission, vision, and action plan. Is it current?
  • Who are your stakeholders, competitors, and collaborators?
  • What is your market? Who are you serving?
Build on Strengths
  • What are your organization’s key strengths?
  • What differentiates you? How are you unique?
Strategy Screen
  • Are you aligned with the organization’s mission and purpose?
  • What criteria guide your decisions?
The Big Question
  • What’s really going on and what should you tackle first?
Next Steps Work Plan
  • Your action plan for timeline, accountability, and results
  • Measure progress, and adjust quarterly
Wrap Up
  • Your final report includes an executive
    summary and your fully developed work plan.
  • You’re then equipped with the tools you need to evaluate your goals and tasks quarterly.

Our strategy experts don’t just create vision. We handle every aspect of nonprofit management: from development and administration to analytics and marketing. When you are ready to start, contact us:

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