Client References

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"NonProfit Resources has been a huge improvement from our previous management companies in so many different ways. The one unexpected item that really stands out is the communication skills of Kristen and the staff. As most boards are made up of visionary entrepreneurs, with varying agendas, ideas, alliances, and strong opinions, Kristen and staff have tactfully and diplomatically wadded through these issues. Our board is better aligned and we have developed good trust in our new management company. " -Bill Crawford, MBA, President/Owner of Rainmaker Internet Marketing

"Thank you to Tori, Kristin & the NPR crew for doing an amazing job with our association. The changeover happened at a less than ideal time, and with little to no face to face interactions, you guys have been able to take everything we’ve thrown your way & make sense of our needs, as well as make some excellent suggestions on how we can make our association better."

"What I most appreciate about Kristin's leadership style is her strong desire to find the collaborative path in all situations. As nonprofits evolve, collaboration is key. She understands this, and knows how to make it happen." -Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET

"Kristin and her team bring a professional touch and an all-encompassing approach to our organization’s administration. The Nonprofit Resources Team has helped us gain credibility, stability and what we sought most, the time to focus on our members." - Andrew Gritzmaker, Executive Director of Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House

"Their depth of experience related to the non-profit sector has been essential as our Board creates a lasting, sustainable financial model. In the short time we’ve been working with Nonprofit Resources, we’ve already taken huge strides in our strategic plan under their guidance. I feel confident that we will be able to continue supporting our members for years to come.” - Amy Gilbertson, AIA , Principal, Trivers Associates

"We found our solution through Kristin Bennett and Nonprofit Resources. Through Nonprofit Resources, we have been able to achieve so many of our goals within a reasonable budget [...] While board members focus their limited time on fiducial responsibility, policies and procedures, and recruiting industry leaders who can support and lead the mission, Kristin and her team take care of the day to day tasks that must be done for the board members to be successful and for the membership to thrive and grow." Toni Moore, President & CEO, Philos Hospitality, Inc.

"...they are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are attentive, responsive and very professional. They ask for help when appropriate, frequently provide excellent recommendations, and take the ball and run with it whenever they need to."

" [...] a well established organization who are truly advocates for the associations they support. With every program they take into consideration the uniqueness of each client and keep that at the forefront of all decision making. I have seen the collaboration they have with each of their clients to ensure the most successful programs." - Katie Yearby, Director of Operations and Key Accounts, Prestige Global Meeting Source

"Kristin always starts from “yes.” Nonprofit Resources would be an asset to any organization that has the wisdom and the privilege to add this team." - Beth Davis, President of Dakota Resources

"Kristin takes great pride in her work, and in the service she provides to nonprofit organizations. She possesses a great work ethic and attitude, top technical skills, and pays great attention to detail. These characteristics are visible not only in Kristin, but in the professional staff she employs." - Jeff Cain, MD, President-Elect American Academy of Family Physicians, Chief of Family Medicine, The Children’s Hospital

"We hired Kristin Bennett in the fall of 2008 to be the Conference Coordinator for our 2009 Annual Scientific Conference. Her team immediately took responsibility for the job and carried out all tasks with a great attitude, attention to detail, and leadership."

"To sum it up, Ms. Bennett and her team are so good at what they do, our company couldn't help but recommend them to assist other trade organizations. . ."

"Kristin Bennett is a highly motivated, creative and ethical person who would be an asset to any organization." - Michele A. Bascom, MA, Executive Director

"...they addressed these challenges successfully using a variety of skills.  They are adept at handling meeting planning, communications, public and government relations, and any other subject required.. . . they work well with a diverse group of people." - Andrew Moore, Executive Director of NAAA

"... Among her many contributions to the organization, Kristen improved the website and made it universally user-friendly; increased membership by 25%, and was instrumental in nunifying five different, major corporate groups within the organization, making for an effective and cohesive board of directors" - Karri A. Thiessen, Astro Insulation, Inc.

"I believe that Kristin would be an asset to any organization. She is family oriented, motivated, hard working, and compassionate." - Renee Parker, Executive Director of United Way of the Black Hills

"I found the attributes of creativity (don't just do what we did last year), can-do attitude, charm and the willingness to approach anyone, regardless of rank or position refreshing and positive [...] any organization would benefit" - Dale Patterson, Cedar Butte Air