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Case Studies

Case Studies Christine Do March 17, 2021

The Case Studies below show success stories across various industries. We leverage decades of experience and relationships to resolve the need and set partners up for long-term success.

2021 RESNET Conference

Featuring over 1200 attendees, the 2021 RESNET Conference took place February 22 - 24, 2021 via a virtual platform. As the premier annual event for the rating, building performance, and home-building industries, the RESNET 2021 Virtual Conference featured daily live-stream sessions, an on-demand library of about 100 breakout sessions, and social events such as virtual morning workout classes, social hours, and networking opportunities.

HHN National Hospitality Impact Report

The Healthcare Hospitality Network's (HHN) annual National Hospitality Impact Report is the only known industry survey that captures the direct impact of healthcare hospitality houses on patient outcomes, on a nation-wide scale. In addition to original survey responses, the report also features supplementary graphs, charts, and illustrations intended to assist individual organizations with framing case statements and further grant-writing. Its comprehensive nature continues to empower organizations to identify effective practices and prove value to existing and potential funders.


WBFI Next Bird Industry Growth (BIG) Steps Project

The focus of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute's (WBFI) Next BIG Steps project is to raise awareness of the mental health benefits of bird feeding. Through extensive social media campaigns, market research, and task forces, this three-year marketing initiative has implemented targeted strategies to understand and educate consumers.

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