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Marketing & Graphics Nonprofit Resources November 6, 2020

Are you Grabbing your Audience's Attention?

Attention captured? Check.

Curiosity piqued? Check.

The moment of truth – What’s next?

How do you fulfill your mission, after making that first impression?

Graphics are the first step in establishing a unique and memorable image for your nonprofit organization. For nonprofits, marketing should be creatively tailored to strike a certain chord and fulfill a specific need.

Raise funds, build your membership base, bolster your mailing list, create awareness, inform key stakeholders, encourage partners and volunteers – graphics and marketing will take your foundation to the next level.

Why Choose Nonprofit Resources For Your Nonprofit’s Graphics and Marketing Needs?

Nonprofit Resources is here to help you with an expansive range of graphics and marketing needs. Whether it is logo design or a comprehensive marketing and communications plan, we will be able to further advance the image of your nonprofit organization.

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Newsletters and brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media networking
  • Graphics and publications
  • Digital engagement strategy

Our in-house design team is ready with the artistic skills, creativity, and software to build and promote your message. Whether through print or digital materials, we are prepared and passionate about helping your organization develop your image across all platforms.

To learn more about how we can help your nonprofit, contact us below!

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