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Nonprofit Resources Marisa January 14, 2019

What we do

Nonprofit Resources is an Association Management Company with the talent, experience, and resources to manage anything, or everything.  Many organizations need only partial services, not an entire management system, however, we are happy to provide either!

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How can we help you achieve your organization's mission?

Nonprofit Resources was founded to help client organizations share resources and operate more efficiently. We’ve grown and now employ a highly qualified team of specialists who tackle everything from strategy and executive-level work to event management, graphics, technology, and operations.

We enjoy long-term relationships with clients and specialize in meeting the needs of small and medium-sized nonprofits.  Every member of our dedicated staff values their university education, yet continues to pursue supplemental specialized nonprofit certificates and credentials.  This keeps us at the top of our game and well-tuned into what’s happening in the nonprofit arena. Nonprofit Resources is currently the most experienced, and only accredited organization of its type in a five-state area.