501(c)ast Series

Nonprofit Resources’ 501(c)ast is a facilitated web-series of interviews brings together seasoned experts to help nonprofits succeed. Check out our episodes below, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos!

Three spiritually-awakened colleagues share a candid conversation about their religious beliefs, and how they practice what they preach. Join Keith Roberts, Founder of Zenman, Melissa Thompson, Operations Director of SECU Family House, and Jeremy Leman, Owner of Sealtite, Inc. as they discuss everyday practices, spirituality in crisis, and lessons learned with Nonprofit Resources’ Founder and CEO, Kristin Bennett.
Tired of confusing information about nonprofit overhead? Tune in to hear nonprofit fundraising coach Sherry Quam Taylor dispel myths around budgeting for successful nonprofit function.
Tune in to an informal discussion on the most common nonprofit staffing models, and the pros and cons of them each. AMC owners, association staff, volunteers, and other leaders joined in on this open dialogue aimed at helping nonprofits understand the options, and make sound decisions.
Join us as we chat with Lester Olmstead-Rose, partner in LaPiana Consulting to discuss nonprofit strategic development (it’s more than planning!). Thinking of developing a straight-up three or five-year plan? Think twice about your process!
Join Tori Houwman and Baylor DeVries as they chat with Mike Martin, Head of Customer Experience and Learning for SAP Litmos. With the continued growing demand for online learning management systems, hear what our staff and experts like Mike see as the past, present, and future of LMS in nonprofits
Jason Finucan, Founder of Stigma Zero, joins us for this 501(c)ast episode to discuss prioritizing mental health in uncertain times. How do you recognize and address the subject within your organization? What are the tools and resources you can use to combat the stigma of mental health issues? Watch this video and find out! For more information on Stigma Zero or to get in touch with Jason visit: https://stigmazero.com/
Nonprofit Resources is often queried in regard to our fresh-faced roster of staff. In this episode, Clint Shireman, Advisory Director of High Performance Insulation Professionals, debunks some common misconceptions about younger generations in the workforce. If your organization is on the lookout for new talent, watch our latest episode to learn more about recruiting a younger workforce, hiring the right fit, and how to keep those quality employees on board.
Director of Nonprofit Programs for Hamline University and our friend and mentor, Jeannie Fox, presents an overview of nonprofit organization history in the United States, the evolution of careers in the nonprofit sector, and the outlook for the nonprofit industry going forward. Thinking about a career in nonprofit management? This episode is for you! Learn the ins and outs, and why it makes more sense than ever to consider a career in nonprofits.
Wanting to start a nonprofit? Give it some more thought. With over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, organizations are competing for essential resources such as donor dollars, volunteers, and board members. Now more than ever, it is essential that associations look for mergers or partnerships to further their mission.

Nonprofits large and small are scrambling to reschedule events in this day of COVID-19.
Correctly re-negotiating your hotel contract to minimize fees and salvage relationships is both a science and an art. In this episode of Nonprofit Resource’s 501(c)ast series, Prestige Global Meeting Source joins us to advise.

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