Innovation Is Google’s Middle Name emmaleebenn March 9, 2016

Innovation Is Google’s Middle Name


Do you ever wonder what the workers at Google are doing to get such amazing ideas? The chief, Gopi Kallayil, says there are nine core principles of innovation.

  1. Innovation can be found everywhere! Most likely places that you wouldn’t think of.
  2. Focus on the customer. Do not worry about the money, if you focus on the customer than all will fall into place.
  3. Try to be 10x better. If you force yourself to be better, it will make you think outside of the box.
  4. Bet. It will lead your employees to get motivated. Your company has unique insights all over. It could lead to innovative ideas if they are bet on.
  5. Get your products out there fast and often. Do not wait months later to perfect your work. Update it frequently.
  6. Give your employees time. Google gives their employees 20% of their work time to work on whatever they want and feel passionate about.
  7. Open the process beyond the “thinkers” of your company.
  8. Fail and do it well. If you are not failing frequently, then you are not trying very hard. Failing is welcomed at Google, crazy? Look how far they have gone with that mind set. “Failure is the way to be innovative and successful. You can fail with pride” –Gopi Kallayi
  9. Have a strong sense of mission. Understand what you are doing and how you are         helping your company.


















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