Business Success Tips emmaleebenn March 23, 2016

Business Success Tips

A few successful tips for today’s business world

What is one of the first things to learn in speech class? Grab the audiences attention! Do so by getting personal. Connect with the audience and get them hooked. Assuming you are not boring them to death.

borijng class Why is it not common knowledge for ads to get personal? Advertising has come a long way in the passed years. One of the reasons is that they are realizing they need to connect to their target markets, which is called contextual advertising. Companies that use this method have consumers seeing them more positively. They are attentive to the advertisement when they can relate to it.

Advertising is not the only thing that can drive a business. Location is key. If a business is in a bad location, that could possibly make or break the consumer numbers. Something to keep in mind is the target market. Fast food restaurants do best on busy streets rather than down town areas. Their target market is people running errands and living a fast paced life.

Always keep costs low. The best way to make money is to keep your expenses low. Do not get carried away with it though, being “cheap” could give you a bad reputation. Being innovative is the perfect solution for keeping those expenses at a minimum. Get the company team together to brainstorm ideas that could cut some costs without cutting into what is important.

Social media can be a huge influence in a business. Get involved with it and get the companies name out there for people to see. Erin Richards-Kunkel from Small Business
stated “64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online”

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