Is Your Organization Prepped for the Era of Videos? kthayernpr June 23, 2021

Is Your Organization Prepped for the Era of Videos?

In the ever-changing world of marketing and social media, there is one thing that is going to be a constant. The need to grab people’s attention. 

A few months ago, I was asked to manage video production for RESNET. I had nervously laughed to myself at the thought but said “yeah, no problem!” While actually thinking, “What. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into.”

Now I am not the graphics queen like NPR’s Graphic Designer, Marisa TenBrink, but I gave it a shot and asked for pointers where I could. After trial and errors, some blood, sweat, and sore eyes from staring at my screen, I finally finished the video. Watch it here.

In the day and age of Tiktok, Facebook videos, and Instagram Reels, videos are starting to take precedence over images. Databox did a study and asked 26 marketers what they prefer, 52% take preference to video. They were then asked what drives for ad clicks (Facebook) and over 59% of the marketers said video gets the engagement. 

The theory of WHY video gets the engagement is it forces your audience to stop and get the substance of the ad before continuing to scroll. With videos, you essentially get an extra second to grab attention. Add that it’s an attention-grabbing video and you’ve just upped your engagement game. Keep your video advertisements short and sweet and get your message across in a few seconds rather than a minute-long ad. The likelihood of holding attention for the entirety of your message fades by the seconds that pass. 

Not sure where to start? Read 16 Ways to Increase Your Average Video Engagement

Here are some other great ways your organization can benefit from creating videos:

  • About Us

A debut of who you and your team are is a perfect way to introduce yourself to your viewers and sending a clear message of what your organization is working towards.

  • Services 

A short video exhibiting your services is the perfect way to showcase what you have to offer. It can double as an advertisement put out on social media as well as the perfect quick clip on your homepage directing people to your services page. 

  • Testimonial

What better way to show off your talents than by the people who got to see them front row and center? A testimonial from your clients can be a huge advantage. 

Not quite in the same spectrum but vlogs can be a great way to share tips and tricks or whatever else your organization has expertise in. Check out NPR’s vlog library, 501(c)ast Series and check out other videos we have created for other clients.

Need help making videos for your organization? Check out our list of services, including video production, and let’s chat about different ways we can accomplish your nonprofit’s goals!

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