Nonprofit Resources Staff Recognizes Juneteenth Christine Do June 20, 2022

Nonprofit Resources Staff Recognizes Juneteenth

On June 19, 1865, two months after the Civil War, Major General Gordon Granger, who fought for the Union, delivered a message that notified Americans that 250,000 enslaved people were now free. 

The federal government now recognizes this important holiday as one of the most important anniversaries in our nation’s history. 

It is an opportunity to “commemorate the hardships endured by slaves. It really exemplifies empowerment and hopefulness.” – Shane Bolles Walsh, a lecturer with the University of Maryland’s African American Studies Department.

At Nonprofit Resources, we consider it an honor and privilege to represent diverse nonprofits across the country. We want to recognize and celebrate Juneteenth and the importance of understanding where we have come from to be able to better see where we are going.  

Find out more about this important day.

Find a local celebration here

Let us know how you will be celebrating!

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