Nonprofit Resources Statement Against Anti-Semitic Hate  Christine Do October 26, 2022

Nonprofit Resources Statement Against Anti-Semitic Hate 

The “oldest hatred” has existed nearly 2,000 years and often resurfaces during times of economic or civil unrest. This is sadly something we are seeing emerge again, amplified by the voice and reach of a celebrity.

“When these ideas emerge from the shadows into the bright spotlight of mass scrutiny that the high-wire sways, the danger rises” (Tal Lavin).  

Nonprofit Resources condemns the antisemitism and hate speech that impacts millions of Jews and people of all backgrounds in the U.S. and internationally. If left alone, could tear apart the fabric of our societies, democracies, and communities wherever it spreads. 

Our mission of the Nonprofit Resources’ Diversity Task Force is to create a diverse and inclusive environment for our clients and our staff. We must remain vigilant and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards antisemitism or hate speech of any kind. 

Therefore, we want to amplify the work being done by nonprofits providing resources and tools to help us combat religious, ethnic, or racial hate in whatever form it takes.


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