How the Remote Work Environment Impacts Mental Health  Courtenay Bunner May 15, 2023

How the Remote Work Environment Impacts Mental Health 

Since 2020 and the pandemic, workers and employers all over the world have been saying goodbye to traffic and cubicles and saying hello to working wherever and whenever there’s an internet connection. With Millennials being the largest workforce and Gen Z sharing the same values for work-life balance, remote and hybrid work will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity. There have been numerous proven benefits for remote and hybrid work, including:  

  • a customized work environment 
  • less time spent commuting 
  • increased productivity 
  • the positive impact it can have on mental health 

Work-life balance often has an impact on mental health. Work can cause and exacerbate mental health issues but can also act as a support mechanism. A FlexJobs survey showed that out of over 3,000 participants, 97% of people believe that the quality of their lives would be improved if they had more flexibility in work. There is much to offer for supporting mental health at work and in life by means of flexible working arrangements. Remote/hybrid work eliminates the stress of a daily commute, limits distractions and office politics, provides a comfortable and personalized work environment, and allows more time for efforts to improve the mental health of ourselves and those around us. 

In addition to work-life balance and commuting stress, time dedicated to family and personal health are also positively impacted by remote and hybrid work. Mental health can be affected by the constant struggle to spend time with family and spend time at work, and flexible working options allow these priorities to coexist more peacefully. Working professionals put in a lot of time, effort, and focus on their work on a daily basis. Companies that promote flexible work arrangements are sending a clear message to their workers that they may and should spend more time on health and well-being.  

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