Nonprofit Resources’ 2023 Staff Retreat Noah Kibbe September 26, 2023

Nonprofit Resources’ 2023 Staff Retreat

A Transformative Staff Retreat in the Heart of the Black Hills

In the bustling world of association management, a moment to pause, reflect, and grow together is a rare and cherished opportunity. This year, the dedicated team at Nonprofit Resources embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a staff retreat that would leave a lasting impact on each of its 14 participants. Against the backdrop of the majestic Black Hills, we experienced not only the beauty of nature but also the beauty of human connection, personal growth, and team bonding. 

Cohort Training: Fostering Deeper Connections

The heart of our retreat lay in the transformative cohort training sessions. Cohort training is more than just a group of individuals; it’s a shared experience of opening up, listening, and learning together. Our groups of 3-4 were thoughtfully assigned, ensuring a mix of perspectives and experiences. 
After intensive training on this emotional process, we were ready to dive in. The training was crucial because it taught us how to truly listen, suspend judgment, and refrain from immediately offering advice. Most importantly, it emphasized creating a safe and comfortable space for the person sharing their challenges and concerns. 
In these sessions, each person had the opportunity to be in the “hot seat” for over an hour. They shared their challenges and roadblocks, and the cohort responded with strategic questions and constructive feedback. It was a deeply emotional and eye-opening experience that allowed us to connect on a level beyond our professional roles. 

“Nonprofit Resources’ retreat isn’t a conventional corporate meet-up like you may envision. It does have the core element of team building, but we do it untraditionally through small cohort groups to figure out personal or professional sticking points, or what we call the “hole in the bucket”. For a lot of our staff, this is their first time meeting each other since we work fully remotely from all corners of the United States, by the end of the weekend it felt like we had known each other for years. I personally come back from each retreat feeling like a more authentic version of myself. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we benefit the whole team, and the team we have is the greatest asset of the company.”
Nonprofit Resources VP Emma Bennett
Emma Bennett
VP & Account Executive

Games and Bonding: Strengthening the Team Spirit

In addition to the transformative cohort training and soul-soothing horseback riding, we also enjoyed a series of games and team-building activities. These playful moments allowed us to let loose, have fun, and strengthen our bonds in a relaxed environment. 

Horseback Riding: Nature's Therapy

nonprofit resources 2023 staff retreat horseback riding

The breathtaking landscapes of the Black Hills served as the backdrop for one of the most memorable parts of our retreat – horseback riding. It was a chance to connect with nature, each other, and ourselves. As we rode through the picturesque trails, we were reminded of the importance of trust and communication, not only with our majestic equine companions but also within our team. 

“Over the years of being part of Nonprofit Resources, our staff retreat just keeps getting better and better. When you work remotely, you don’t get the experience that most in-office companies have, but our leadership provides such an amazing yearly experience for us. It’s not just the better bonding it offers for the team but the self-growth Nonprofit Resources invested for us from our cohorts.”
Krissy Thayer
Account Executive

A Night in Deadwood: Unwinding and Celebrating

After days filled with growth and introspection, we ventured to the historic town of Deadwood for an evening of relaxation and celebration.
Our staff retreat in the Black Hills of South Dakota wasn’t just a getaway; it was a transformative experience that deepened our connections, expanded our horizons, and left us better equipped to face the challenges of our mission. The lessons we learned in cohort training will forever resonate in our personal and professional lives, reminding us to listen, empathize, and support one another. As we returned to our work life, we did so with renewed energy, stronger bonds, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

“Before I ever stepped foot on the airplane to attend Nonprofit Resources’ Staff Retreat, I knew I would be among friends when I arrived. Sure enough, I was warmly received by two of the Officers at the Rapid City airport whom I had already met in person the year prior. I also had the pleasure of arriving at the same time as another employee and found myself in very good company as we got to spend a piece of that first afternoon together. Even without knowing every single staff member who was present super well, I could still feel a large sense of awareness, consideration, and inclusivity from the individuals in attendance during every activity throughout the retreat. As someone who takes a little while to warm up to others, it was a relief to experience the patience everyone had as we got to know each other better. Staff Retreat was the ideal setting for taking advantage of many opportunities within a safe space, while also allowing employees the flexibility to participate as much as they were comfortable. Huge thanks to the Officers for giving staff the opportunity to meet up in person together for some “recess” as well each individual staff member for making Staff Retreat an experience that strengthens our ties together as employees and people.”
Nonprofit Resources employee Gabriela Duran
Gabi Duron
HR Manager

Are you looking to conduct a staff retreat that is educational, entertaining, and rewarding? Do you want to bring your team closer together? Nonprofit Resources can help!

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