5 Common Mistakes When it Comes to Posting on Social Media Nonprofit Resources November 7, 2017

5 Common Mistakes When it Comes to Posting on Social Media

Social media is taking over the marketing world, and with that in mind, posting on social media has become far more strategic than ever before. Here are five common mistakes that could be hindering your influence on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms:

  1. Using stock images – don’t let your content feel too promotional. Connect with customers using real photos, and not those that “belong in an instruction manual”.
  2. Drowning out messages with hashtags – they help with content discovery, but don’t go overboard. Keep your message as the focal point of your post, and use hashtags intelligently.
  3. Voicing personal opinions – remember, you’re not the only one reading what you post. There are many beliefs and opinions out there, so be respectful and avoid a PR disaster.
  4. Content with grammatical errors – simple mistakes can make you appear unprofessional on social media. Consumers want to trust you, starting with the details and a spell check.
  5. Posting irrelevant content – make sure your content has value. Don’t post about things unrelated to your industry, or for the sake of posting. Your followers have an interest in your field, and that’s what they’re expecting to see.

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Source: Entrepreneur.

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