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Most Nonprofits Lack in Leadership and Management

A recently conducted survey by Stanford University concluded that eighty percent of nonprofit organizations struggle with leadership and management issues. Results conveyed that over half of organizations struggle with weak board governance, fundraising, impact evaluation and weak strategic thinking. There were also indications that over twenty-five percent of nonprofit organizations exhibit weak strategic management and do not believe they encourage and reward high performance.

Further more, researchers Meehan and Jonker formulated a list of essential components that produce high-performance nonprofits. This includes:

  1. Mission – a focused, clearly defined statement of purpose
  2. Strategy – a strategic framework based strictly on what matters most
  3. Impact Evaluation – A system to measure impact
  4. Insight and Courage – A commitment to applying heart and soul to each decision
  5. Organization and Talent – A superb team to build and sustain high performance
  6. Funding – An ability to build strategic revenue channels and to tap the right donors
  7. Board Governance – A strong, effective board of directors

In order for an organization to reach optimal success, they need to become strong in all 7 of these listed areas. If they fail to meet all elements of this criteria, this will inhibit the organization from achieving high success. Nonprofit Resources is a company that can assist nonprofit organizations in reaching their full potential, making it possible for them to meet all of the essential components listed above.

Nonprofit Resources offers services and assistance for nonprofit organization in each of these specific areas, and have been managing nonprofit organizations of all types for the past decade. NPR helps client organizations share resources and operate more efficiently, tackling everything from strategy and executive-level work to event management, graphics, technology, and operations. NPR enjoys long-term relationships with clients, as they specifically assist with quality and efficiency, maximize and monitor revenue, utilizes less for more, and upholds excellent communication.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Nonprofit Resources team, please contact kristin@nonprofitresources.us to learn more about the long list of services we can offer you.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources was formed with the idea that all nonprofits, large or small, need and deserve a professional staff at an affordable price. Incorporated in 2007, we're grounded in the experience of President Kristin Bennett’s 27 years as an Executive Director, and built as a team of specialists to serve all types of nonprofits. Nonprofit Resources employs all levels of executive, program, and administrative staff with a broad range of experience to meet your needs.

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