Companies Trending Towards Flexibility Nonprofit Resources December 15, 2017

Companies Trending Towards Flexibility

It’s becoming more uncommon to find companies that require employees be parked in a desk chair from 9-to-5 each day. There are always jobs that will absolutely require you to be physically present for the entirety of your work day, but where possible, companies are beginning to loosen their policies to allow for better work-life balance, whether it’s working remotely or allowing for time away during the work day for appointments, exercise, and personal priorities.

Telecommuting is up 115% since 2015, and the cut down on commute time is one way companies are helping employees achieve work-life balance. Fostering a corporate culture that embraces this can help companies recruit top talent.

Although companies are beginning to adopt generous policies, work and technology are so integrated that it’s challenging for millennial employees to fully disconnect. There is an expectation for employees today to be reachable at any time of day or night, on any day of the week. This 24/7 culture makes it almost impossible to disconnect.

Read more about the growing flexibility of companies and tips to achieve balance.

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