Social Media Leading Nonprofits Worldwide Nonprofit Resources February 15, 2018

Social Media Leading Nonprofits Worldwide

The vast majority of nonprofit organizations worldwide see social media as an effective tool for online brand awareness, recruiting volunteers and online fundraising but only one-third have a developed social media strategy.

Over 5,000 non-governmental organizations across 164 countries and six continents were recently surveyed regarding social media use, mobile technology, web and email communications, online fundraising, data management and security, and more.

Only 32% said they have a written social media strategy but 95% believe it’s an effective tool for online brand awareness. More than seven out of 10 said social media is effective for online fundraising and almost four out of five said it’s effective for recruiting event volunteers. 80% of respondents agreed it’s effective for recruiting volunteers. Facebook is leading the social media hierarchy, but other platforms are certainly growing in use and effectiveness. With the increasing demand of social media marketing, it’s important for organizations to plan social marketing efforts strategically, develop effective budgets, and investigate return on investment.

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