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How to Build a Successful Team

28mag-teams1-articleLargeHealthcare hospitality houses are nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to patients and caregivers who are receiving medical treatment away from their home communities. Each of our member houses are comprised of a staff of dedicated individuals that can vary in size and areas of expertise. Regardless of size and scope of our member’s teams, the art and science of team building is a field of immense interest for healthcare hospitality houses.

The New York Times recently investigated this issue in their Corner Office series, which interviewed over 500 business leaders on how to foster a strong sense of teamwork and how nonprofits, like for-profit businesses, can lay the groundwork for a highly productive team.

Adam Bryant outlined five insights that can make an immediate impact on the culture and effectiveness of a team:

  • Make a plan: You need a clear and measurable goal for what you want to accomplish
  • Rules of the Road: You’ll need a set of values, behaviors, and cultural guardrails so that everybody knows how to work together.
  • Show a Little Respect: If team members don’t feel respected, they won’t be motivated to bring their best ideas – and their best selves – to work.
  • It’s About the Team: A team is stronger when everybody delivers on their individual roles.
  • Have Conversations: Difficult discussions aren’t anyone’s idea of fun – but they are necessary for running a successful team.  

This article was full of great information and insights including some key takeaways that can improve your team’s culture and effectiveness immediately. While all of our members are nonprofits, choosing to run your nonprofit like a for-profit business can ensure that you have a sustainable and effective organization.


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