Sparking Motivation During Halloween Nonprofit Resources October 30, 2019

Sparking Motivation During Halloween

Have you celebrated Halloween at work before? If you have not or are looking to, there are great ideas to propose to your work team. Not only does celebrating Halloween allow everyone’s sweet tooth to kick in, it can spark motivation among your employees. Having all workers come together to create traditions can drive teamwork and a positive work culture. For ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in the workplace, see below!

Costume Party

A costume party is by far one of the easiest ways to celebrate Halloween. Costumes can be used for fun to dress up for work or you can spice it up with a costume contest. Have your staff vote for awards like best costume, funniest costume, or scariest costume. This way all of your staff is getting involved and having fun together!

Halloween Meal

Try having a Halloween breakfast or lunch party. Providing festive treats like cider, pumpkin bread, or orange-colored punch paired with spooky music is a simple way to show Halloween spirit. Having workers provide candy for others can pair nicely with this idea, too. If you are looking for a laid-back celebration that still gets the creative juices flowing, this celebration would be perfect for your team!

Halloween Decorations

Another contest your workers may like is seeing who can decorate an area the best. Create teams and designate specific areas to them to decorate (lobby, kitchen, etc.). You may also consider a decoration contest between individual working spaces as well. There is plenty of room for creativity!

Ultimately, creating holiday traditions in the workplace is perfect for having fun while building a positive team environment. Allowing your workers to celebrate holidays and relieve their stress from work tasks can benefit employees and push for great work to follow.

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