Browser Choice Tied to IQ…Really? Nonprofit Resources December 11, 2019

Browser Choice Tied to IQ…Really?

Personally, I’m a fan of Firefox over Chrome. But I use both all the time. Aside from the article below by Mark Coppock, I recently listened to an interesting podcast on NPR about browsers, and the choice of browser directly correlating to intelligence. One thing is crystal clear, anyone using IE needs to just let go. Ten years ago. What do you use, and why?

Picking a web browser isn’t like selecting an operating system or smartphone ecosystem. Unlike choosing MacOS, Windows, or Chrome OS, where your choices are mutually exclusive, switching between browsers isn’t quite so jarring. You could download any one of the major browsers on the market today in the time it takes you to finish reading this paragraph. But which is the fastest? Which is the safest and most private?

To help you decide, we’ve broken down the best browsers on the market today and boiled them down to their bare bones. Even if some of them could do with being rebuilt from the ground up, these options are your best chance at a great online experience.

The best web browsers at a glance

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