Thirty Years and Thirty Amazing Women. Nonprofit Resources March 31, 2020

Thirty Years and Thirty Amazing Women.

March 2020 marks the 30th year of celebrating National Women’s Month, and the journey of women collectively is always top of mind with us.

Plus – today is Equal Pay Day! On average, women earn an estimated $.80 to a man’s dollar. Equal Pay Day symbolizes how many days into the next year a woman works beyond December 31st to earn the same amount of money for the same work as her male counterparts. Fortunately, this isn’t falling in June any more, but minority women are still woefully underpaid. Latino women and Native American women, for example, will not see their Equal Pay Day until November, earning only around $.55 on the dollar. I digress. This is a celebration post!

In 1981, Congress created an act to celebrate women with a week, and now an entire month of awareness. In recognition, the NPR team has compiled a list of women who have impacted our lives and careers. They are all unique, serving as mothers, sisters, daughters, leaders, innovators, and business women from all walks of life.

It’s impossible to list the countless women who have influenced us personally and professionally, especially when we start thinking about our friends and family. We could list another 300 or 3,000 easily. But here’s a small sampling of women, in no particular order, tackling personal lives and careers by their own unique methods.

Whatever stage of life, type of career, or family dynamic these women have, they’ve totally nailed it in our book!

Laurie Weisensee ~ Laurie works endless hours serving veterans, and still manages to put family first. Somehow she manages to maintain family traditions. What neurologist can hunt buffalo, then turn out her own homemade jam in her SPARE time?
Rosalie Ball ~ Stepping into a key leadership role of small organization takes guts. You know there will be a lot of work, and limited help. This emerging leader has taken the challenge, and jumped in headfirst. She’s learning the role and leads simultaneously.
Peggy Siems ~ “What would we do without Peggy?” She’s one of those people who gets things done, always stays cheerful in the process, even when life throws up roadblocks. Patient and willing, she’s been a huge help to us as we serve ALA.
Gayathri Vijayakumar ~ This woman runs the most efficient committee meetings – EVER. Gayathri is a rockstar in the building efficiency and code development world, and a born leader.
Beth Davis ~ Beth bravely goes where most don’t dare. She’s an entrepreneur, a coach, and mentor. She helps provide people and their families information and advocacy, emotional, spiritual, and non-medical physical support before, during and after death.
Lisa Bicker ~ Lisa is a business owner who’s served decades as a leader in both the private and nonprofit sectors. She is also a full-time mother, wife, and dog owner. Lisa is poster child for the “woman who does it all,” with poise, kindness, and diligence.
Vicki Pacurar ~ Under the category of generally remarkable and well-mannered, Vicki takes a front seat. Mentor and role model from decades ago, she still shines out as a business woman when most of us didn’t know what that meant.
Raquel Alexander ~ Raquel’s admired for her professionalism, and longevity with former client CAFP. She inspires us to think differently about the mind-body-spirit connection, and practices what she preaches every day.
Cynthia Bremmon ~ Cindy purchased her first business in 1994, while pregnant with her 6th child of 7. Today she owns and manages 5 businesses, still operating her pharmacy full-time during the COVID-19 crisis. She is a born entrepreneur and her endless energy inspires us all.
Judy Hoysak ~ Judy works hard as a volunteer board member, and has a special knack for the details others miss. While others skim, Judy really digs in, always asking the right questions and communicating perfectly.
Jessica Brown ~ Jessica is an experienced leader in the marketing industry, co-founding her own agency and serving our client WBFI. She brings wit, intelligence, and savvy to projects, and is a true pleasure to work with through the process.
Lena Cazeaux ~ Lena’s got the Midas Touch, and has used it to benefit numerous clients over the decades through her amazing grant-writing skills. She serves willingly, and gives generously, while never devaluing the work of nonprofit professionals.
Katie Yearby ~ Katie serves our clients with her stellar powers of persuasion and clout. She’s a busy mom of young kids, and remains professional & responsive, always standing in our corner to fight for our clients’ well-being.
Molly Lopez ~ Mentor, colleague, and AMC enthusiast, Molly has unselfishly shared best practices info to help our company grow for nearly a decade.
Melissa Thompson ~ Melissa is a dedicated and committed Board President, with extensive nonprofit knowledge, who has the spirit to drive our client HHN’s vision.
Kari Thiessen ~ Kari took the chair role with a client during a turbulent time. Kari stepped up, proving to be the right leader at the right time, guiding our long-time client through one of the scariest times in it’s 30 year history.
Maria Leier ~ Leaders and managers keep things running, and often don’t get the credit they deserve. We raise a glass to this manager, who takes the heat and keeps smiling.
Sharla Riead ~ Sharla has paved the way for education in building efficiency, standing out in a highly male-dominated industry. Her stellar work ethic and kind heart shine through every time.
Patricia Carrera ~ Director, manager, leader, you name it, Trish has done it for a nonprofit. She’s a get-it-done executive whose sense of humor and accessibility are the perfect compliments to her non-nonsense approach.
Dani Iosefo, DAT, ATC,CSCS ~ Dani has successfully trained and rehabilitated hundreds of people from their first work out to international sporting events. She founded Iron Pineapple Fitness in 2014 and is currently hosting virtual workouts through the COVID-19 national emergency. Dani proves that strong is the new standard of beauty.
Jael Kamphe ~ Jael is the true definition of grace and grit. She’s an entrepreneur and innovator, coach, cowgirl, and friend. She’s always ready for what’s around the next corner, and the first to expose her vulnerabilities.
Mary Guthrie ~ Mary is for the birds! She’s been a key player with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for over a decade. We admire her passion and knowledge, and enjoy her enthusiasm for her Cornell’s cause and her feathered friends.
Sara Glaze ~ Realtor, operations rock star, and one of the most physically fit and tenacious women we know; Sara serves it up with a razor-sharp wit.
Jamie Jacobs ~ Jamie cultivates meaningful connections for our client NHRA. She is honest, trustworthy, and is never afraid to try something new. Her commitment to people and forward thinking make her a stand-out leader.
Karen Burns ~ Karen has the expertise to innovate on behalf of an entire industry, and is also willing to serve. She’s one of few who will always step up, and has chaired numerous efforts for our client WBFI over the years.
Giulia Molisani ~ Giulia is professional, caring, innovative, and gives selflessly to her non-profit. She’s a real hands-on volunteer, and accomplishes it all with a smile. When something needs doing, she’s the first to step up.
Brittany Quinn ~ Brittany always goes above and beyond to make sure things aren’t only done, but done in the right way while always being so humble! She always makes the time to communicate and help, and we are so grateful to get to work with her.
Joanne Neubauer ~ Fast, creative, dependable, artistic, professional and fun are all words we use for Joanne. What more could we ask from a graphic artist? Hats off to this creative entrepreneur who serves our clients so well, with such a great attitude.
Cardice Howard ~ Cardice sets the standard for professionalism with unmatched style. She’s one of our favorite role models, and knows more about football than the rest of us combined.
Apryl Simmons has a heart for disadvantaged youth striving to enter the workforce. While changing their lives, she has changed ours. Her communication skills are stellar, and we look forward to learning from her for years to come.

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